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Sass/Things&Stuffs Blogger Search

I'm looking for ladies that truly love what I create and love to have fun with their photos!  I expect a good quality photo as well.  Good lighting, clear image of the product, etc.  The minimum is only 2 posts per month, but I encourage more of course.  

I currently own two brands that are combined on here, Sass and Things&Stuffs.  Sass is women's clothing, mainly selling to the top few mesh bodies, depending on what template sizes are available.  Usually Maitreya, Belleza Freya, TMP Legacy, Slink Hourglass, and now Inithium Kupra (when available). 

Things&Stuffs is my original mesh brand.  I love mainly a cute kawaii look and its typically some type of decor. 

Like I said, please only apply if you really like what I do.  I look forward to your applications!  To apply, please visit my mainstore and click on the Blogotex portal.  Follow the link and directions from there. Good luck to you!
xoxo, Sass