Saturday, September 10, 2016

sass buildz [another club] @ the mainstore

On a mission to build a new hangout spot for me and my friends on our sim, Torres del Rio, I built Another Club, which is, well, another club.  It's a small (by SL standards) bar type club, with lots of character.  

This is a great build for a cozy bar type club. Build has 1 large room complete with two bars, two seating areas, a stage with lighting, dance podiums, and more. The build itself is 17x25m. It has a land impact of 132 and is part mesh and part prim. Entire build is mod, so you can retexture to your liking. Build does not include shown furniture and decor or signage. Please come and view our live demo at the Sass mainstore!

You can also view the actual hangout itself here: Another Club

xoxo, Sass



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