Monday, August 22, 2016

an intermission...

Its been a long time since I just wrote stuff on my blog, no new product to advertise, but my insights into my own SL journey.  I've recently passed my second SL rezday and I think I've officially had every cliche' SL experience.  I finally "get it".

What have I learned?  Life is fucking short.  About a month ago now, a friend of mine passed away, in real life.  He was a fun, moody, frustrating, talented, sweet, and caring person.  He and I butted heads more than once, even in my last conversation with him.  BUT, his passing did not go unnoticed and I learned a very valuable lesson.  Life is short.  It's too short to worry about who said what or who's doing what on Second Life.  

For me, and I'm sure many, Second Life is more than just a game.  Its part of my life, and I am me fully in-world.  There's no pretending.  I have feelings and I try to remember that everyone else does too as I make my way through.  So I want to say something to everyone I've met and come in contact in my SL journey.  I'm sorry and I forgive you.  Life's too short and too precious to let trivial stuff effect you.  We learn so much through every experience good and bad, but that's it.  Learn that lesson and move on, otherwise it will consume you.

Good luck in your own journeys.  Hugs and kisses to all.  xoxo, Sass

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