Sunday, October 18, 2015

gypsy rose [the boho culture fair 2015]

It's finally here!  The opening of the Boho Culture Fair 2015!  I've been waiting somewhat impatiently to introduce to ya'll my newest collection, gypsy rose.  I created this line for the Boho Fair and I kind of ran with it....a lot.  I was so inspired there are actually six new exclusive products all coordinating with each other and in gorgeous fall tones, with a boho flair.  Get comfy, lots of photos to follow...

I adore how my little shop turned out for this event.  It was a blast decorating it and getting it set up in the boho theme.  Here's some pics:

Think that's enough?  Well there's more.  I have a gacha machine set up with the summer boho undeez, no rares, just 4 gorgeous lingerie sets for only L$50 per play.  I also have the charcoal & nude dress for only L$99 over in the bazaar section, and see that little gifty on the counter in the shop?  That's a new gorgeous exclusive FREE gift in my signature teal color.  

Okay, swear, I"m done.  So what are you waiting for?  OMG, you need to go to the Boho Fair!  And as always, all items are priced at a discount for the duration of the fair, afterwards they will go up, so get 'em now while you can...thanks so much for all your support.  Till next time...

xoxo, .Sass.

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