Wednesday, September 23, 2015

.sass. new for fall.

Lots and lots of new stuff to share with you today.  First, OMG...I have a new shop!  I realized quite quickly how small my first shop was and not easy to maneuver and organize, sooo....I built my first build, my own shop.  I'm so in love with it.  It's massive.  Before you ask, yes, I'll be selling copies of it and smaller versions of it soon.  I had a blast building and learned alot and already can't wait to build some more.  

So yeah, there's that.  There's the awesome school girl outfitz that are still out at Lubbly Jubblies, so make sure to go check them out and all the yummies there this round.  There's the NEW group gift I set out...what?  Yay!  Finally, right?  

Which brings me to my new fun fall basics, Swazey Undeez.  Super comfy tanks with cute boy shortz.  Honestly, they're perfect for how I feel this time of year.  You know, you want to just cozy up at home or throw on a pair of jeans and you're ready.  Check them out, they come in 5 fabulous fall colors.  The 6th color is my signature teal, but only available as a group gift.  

So come visit the new updated shop, (which I'm still filling and tweaking so don't mind the mess) and grab your free group gifts (doesn't cost anything to join the group) and check out the new stuff!  I've got some more yummies coming up in next round's Paris District, so stay tuned for that.  That's it for now...xoxo, Sass.

ps - updated landmark below.

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