Saturday, September 12, 2015

2 months.

my hair is by homage

So Andre and I just had our two month anniversary.  It also marked the occasion of our first major altercation.  Even in the midst of a fight, this man didn't get angry or raise his voice.  He was as patient and loving as ever, I'm the one that panicked.  THAT in itself scared me, that I'd thought I'd come so far, and the first fight I have a damn anxiety attack, thinking he would leave me.  

We worked through it, there were a few misunderstandings and not enough, "hey this is bothering me" type stuff, so it sort of came to a head, but we're dealing with the major issues.  With my darling Andre being such a private person, I won't over share on that account.  Lets just say, he's working on adjusting to what I do and I'm working on not being over the top so much.  

What I loved about this?  We worked through it and he held me and calmed me down.  He stayed.  He didn't freak out when I had a meltdown.  Yay for Andre!  I really do love this man.  I still think he's too good for me, but he tells me everyday how lucky he is and, omg, I get a good morning txt everyday telling me I'm beautiful.  I know, I'm lucky.  So here's to squashing those demons and shutting up the doubty monsters.  

We also, well I also, rebuilt our home.  I did it a couple of weeks ago, just never got around to sharing the photos and such.  I really do love it.  I wanted one thing, he wanted another.  It ended up being a mix of what we both wanted and it's beautiful.  And it feels like us.  One of our new favorite things is to lie on a rug on the roof of the house together and just talk, looking at the pretty stars or each other.  

The house was originally by L2 Studios, but I did a complete mod, so it's really not much like the original.  Everything was essentially changed.  I've been building too, but more about that in another post.  It's got a pond and woods for Andre, but also the ocean front coast I wanted.  It's so pretty with all my twinkly lights and stuff.  

our Trompe Loeil bed...totally in love with this designer

The inside is simple and small.  We both feel it's silly to have stuff in our SL home that we aren't going to use, like a bathroom or kitchen, so we just have a small living room, bedroom, a changing space, and an entryway.  I'm in love with it.  For the first time since coming to SL I actually feel like I want to keep this like this for a very long time...not change it up every month like I do.  It just feels right....we'll see.  Andre really wants a cabin in the woods for the winter, plus I've never done a winter build...ooh!!!

view from the front (I figured out how to do a off sim thingy!)

view from behind the house, our back yard

back yard

daylight, our home
That's it for now peeps, short break.  Now back to working on new clothes, a new bigger store, and new home decor stuff!!!  Stay tuned...thanks.

xoxo, .Sass.

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