Wednesday, August 19, 2015

rez day recap.

Thank you to everybody that came to my rez day party!  I had sooo much fun and still can't get over how many people came.  It really really meant alot to me and the night extra special to see how much I am loved.  So thank you.

I took a few shots of myself in my party dress, [it's sooo pretty!] to commemorate my first rez day. Probably will do this every year.  Have to share.  Girls!  It's all at Collabor88 (as if you all haven't been already, or tying to get in).  Ha!

So Andre, sneaky boy, went out and bought the TMP body.  He finally found black skin that looked decent (realistic) and had TMP appliers.  And me being me, futzed with it a bunch but I think we finally got his shape and body to both our liking.  LOL... I had to make sure his avie was as smokin' as he is in rl, just saying.  I'm more than happy with the results....check him out, my new male model.

I've been hesitant to share anything about Andre on here. I guess people have been influencing that decision, but now I'm of the mind to say 'fuck it'.  He's not going anywhere boys and girls (as the case may be), so stop asking.  This man has done so much for me that I just can't, no won't share here.  It's our business.  Plus to be honest?  I'm overwhelmed.  Scared out of my mind still, and even though I've told him I'm his, I know there is some tiny part of me that is still holding back.  I know it will take time for my heart to heal and for me to be able to trust again fully.  But if anyone can help me with that, it's Andre.  He is patient and kind and sweet and loving.  He's exactly what I need.

So there you have it.  New rez year for me wide open with possiblilities....I've come full circle (a couple of times) learned some hard lessons, learned a TON about myself, fallen for a few men along the way, made friends and lost friends...but in the end?  I'm still here and not planning on going anywhere any time soon.  Muah!  See ya'll later!

xoxo, .Sass.

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