Thursday, August 6, 2015

a purple unicorn.

Okay, this is waaaay too funny NOT to share, and I'm pretty sure he's never bothered to read my blog, so I feel safe in sharing this.  Okay, so my friend Logan is kind of a one-track-mind kind of guy, sex, sex, and sex.  When he logs in?  He's on the prowl.  Women over time either love him or hate him, there is no in-between, probably cause he's kind of a pig, but he's honest about it. LOL.  Okay, so that's Logan in a nut shell.  

So apparently he was out and about, saw some chic (he loves perving profiles), and looked at her profile.  Was curious, and clicked on a link she had on her profile.  Whoever you are, Hi5!  Apparently it was some sort of turned him into, I shit you not, a purple unicorn.  Yes. I'm serious.  If you're not dying from laughter right now, there's something wrong with you.  Boy was he pissed.  LOL!  It took him hours to figure out how to get his shape and skin and stuff back on, since he NEVER bothers to change his look, so he forgot how.  Wait, there's more.

Days later, he just now IMs me.  He says, "i can't get my cock to work after that pony incident".  LOL!!!!!  I'm dying right now.  So fucking hilarious!  His cock is his life on SL.  LOL!  So I'd love to know who the brilliant girl is that has this on her profile, you should market that shit.  Anyway, here's hoping he never reads this, but OMG, had to share.  There's your funny for the day.

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