Monday, July 6, 2015

to new friends and old.

Making new friends for me is hard, so when an old friend comes back into my life, it makes me so happy.  Logan was only gone from my life for a short time, but I missed him.  This man started me on my SL journey, teaching me and pushing me out of my comfort zone.  And yes, guiding me and giving me advice.  Of which, some I chose to ignore.  Some lessons are learned the hard way.  

As I continue on my journey of discovering myself and all that SL has to offer, I will remember what he has taught me and listen more closely. Guarding my heart away from SL, using it as a tool for fun and mischief, but never more will my heart be involved.  I feel blessed to have him in my life again, and will not take that for granted.

I've been lucky enough to be accepted into a couple of communities that I feel so blessed to have found.  The peeps at RoseWould Plantation are beyond amazing good people, and for after hours raunchy fun, I've discovered a new family at the Goddess Sanctuary.  Late night tunes, dancing, and debauchery.  These people have accepted me with open arms in a very short time and I know I'm a lucky girl to have found so many good people so soon.

Bottom line is, I'm actually doing stuff.  I"m really trying.  Out of site, out of mind.  That's the only way it's been working.  It really does help being surrounded by so many great people.  Still not sleeping great, but that's what the Goddess is for.

Go out, have fun, move on.  So many men, women, and others to explore, so little time....

Goddess Sanctuary:
RoseWould Plantation:

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