Saturday, July 25, 2015

rising from the ashes.

So guess what?  I didn't die.  I'm still amazed myself.  It's now been a month since Kush and I went our separate ways.  The dreaded anniversary snuck up on me and hit me pretty hard, hurling me back quite a bit on my progress.  But you know what I did?  The very next day I decided enough was enough.  I deserve to be happy.  And I let a little color back into my life.  So out came the piercing and of came the tattoos.  (I'm keeping the hair, it's hot.) And I wore a kawaii dress to work that night. 

It didn't hurt that I had a project to keep me busy.  Makeover!  My friend Andre needed pulling out of SL past and into the present.  Problem is two fold.  He's a boy (mesh body makers, please hurry!) and he's black.  It was a very frustrating experience.  I should have also paid more attention to what brands Kush was wearing cause apparently I'm clueless.  So I did some research before meeting Andre cause I though Coin needed to be mesh, so my male model pics look better.  I had pretty much decided on the Signature body.  Yes, it's a complete mesh, no separate head, but what do I care what my model looks like as long as he's cute, right?  So I stupidly pointed it out to Andre.

taken at Old Lars Warehouse (& Strip Club)

Problem with that is boys tend to follow my advice like it's gospel.  Should have tried other stuff too. He bought it.  It looked damn good.  Well I had a few critiques but whatever, overall, very nice shape and realistic too, which I loved.  Yeah.  SL is not realistic.  WE ended up having the hardest time ever finding clothes that fit his body, everything was way too big, even fitmesh.  On top of which, using an Omega applier, he put on my clothes?  They looked terrible, stretching funny, much like the TMP shoulder issue.  So after a week of both of us cursing the damn thing, we went shopping again.  I offered to pay for whatever he decided on cause I felt terrible that he bought it because of me.  Of course he would let me.  I did talk him out of buying the TMP after we combed the grid for good black skin that would work on that mesh body.  It doesn't exist.  So, I told him to wait out the designers.  Evenutally something would happen. 

So we chose a nice skin, I helped him tweak his appearance to look more like the real him, which he got a kick out of, and we now have two makeovers in less than two weeks. much fun going shopping with somebody again.  I  really missed that.  It's just not any fun shopping alone.  I do spend less, but it's still not fun.

There's another new person in my life as well.  Well she's not brand new, I just haven't shared her here yet.  Her name is Asha.  She's a fellow dancer and a neko.  And adorable as hell.  Swear to god everyday, learning new things about her is so amazing because her and I could be twins.  We are soo much alike, even down to our names.  Anyway, I love her and I'm glad to have found her.  Together? We're unstoppable on the bar at Lars.  So if you like to see nakie kitties....  (LM below).

She's my baby kitty and I can't imagine SL without either of these peeps.  The three of us are thick as thieves.  It's nice to have friends of my own.  Who actually stuck around.  LOL..I waited this time to blog.  I seem to have a knack for scaring off people or befriending people that are just mean.  

I've just finished setup for the upcoming Aloha Fair II, so if ya'll want to see the new Aloha swimwear, I will be posting previews tomorrow.  I'm excited to share that I also was asked to join in another upcoming fair called Classically Kinky....ohhh, wonder what I'll make....

So, come see me at my shop, gallery, or at Old Lars!  I love meeting new people.  And if you havne't been to Lars in awhile, you really need to come check it out.  Its' been sold and remodeled to two amazing women.  One of which I owe part of my sanity to for keeping me busy through a tough time and for taking a chance on a noob.  I've been promoted to Dancer General Manager. much fun.  Anway, check out the video below for sneak peak of the new Old Lars Strip Club....

Old Lar's Warehouse & Strip Club:

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