Tuesday, July 7, 2015


A friend recently told me to forgive. To let go of all my rage and hatred, to not let anyone dictate decisions I make for me in my life. He said, forgive.  Don't forget..but forgive and move on.  

Is that possible?  A few days ago, down in my dark pit of heartache, despair and boiling rage, I didn't' think so.  Now?  I'm starting to maybe have a little hope that my life will go on and no matter what others do, say, think?  This is MY life.  I make decisions for me, cause I'm the only one that matters.

It feels good to have found a really good friend that after only knowing him a couple of days, I know we'll be friends forever.  You just instantly click with certain people. While I'm wary of anyone these days and their intentions, I feel that he is a genuine person.

All that said, easier said than done. I'm coping the only way I know how for now, but my world may not have ended the day Kush pushed this baby bird out of her nest.  I may yet learn how to fly.

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