Thursday, May 14, 2015

cleavage, lubbly jubblies & sassifrass lemonade.

I finally have a store in-world!!  I was lucky enough to get a shop on the Cleavage Sim, one of my faves, right in between F-n-hawt and Forever Young.  I set up in a couple of days and it's all adorable. I will share pics soon, but I've been super busy.  I'm also in my first ever clothing fair.  Yippee!  I've got a booth set up at Lubbly Jubblies (on the Cleavage sim) with a new exclusive dress, called Sassifrass Lemonade.  It's super adorable and comes in five shades of yummy lemonade or you can buy the fat pack at an awesome discount.  

Lubbly Jubblies opens tomorrow (May 15th) and goes till June 13th.  Come check out all the great applier stuff!  (Don't forget, I now offer #TMP appliers with my new clothes.)  If by chance you do make it over to my shop, don't forget to join my new group for updates and freebies!  

 style card.


body. maitreya mesh body. lara v3.3
shape. mine.
skin. glam affair. grazia. jamaica. (shiny shabby april 2015) 06E.
brows shape. glam affair. grazia suggest. shape 5.

eyes. ikon. charm eyes. seychelles.
eyelashes. angel rock. eyelash extensions. soft dark brown.
eyelashes. mon cheri. falsies. eyelashes lower.

eyes. atia. spring boquet eyeshadow. pink.
lips. pink acid. creme lips. rose petal pink.

pr!tty. gabi. ombres.

ring. arkad baxton. claddaugh ring with blue diamond heart.
ring. sugar. lock ring by sugar falta.
necklace and earrings. spirit of giving. vintage jewels. set.

dress. sassifrass lemonade. lemonade.
shoes. breathe. candice. maitreya. cream sole. peach.


body. #TheMeshProject (beta) basic body (f)
shape. mine.
skin. birdy. ashley v3. toffee.

ikon. sunrise. warm silver. deep.
eyeshadow. cotton candy monster. spring eyeshadow. flower.
lipstick. pink acid. jelly lip gloss + eyeliner + blush. summer gift.

necklace. mm. yummy. charm jewelry set.
necklace. luminesse. gumball beads. pink lemonade.

pr!tty. louise. ombres.

dress. .sass. sassifrass lemonade. strawberry.
shoes. hucci. tandil sandal. bubblegum pink. tmp mid.

DON'T FORGET!  I'm looking for fashion bloggers.  If interested, please send a notecard to me in-world (MissSassySarah Resident) with your details.  

ALL LINKS are located to the right of this post.  Thanks for reading!

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