Wednesday, May 27, 2015

boy shortz going bust.

I've got another sassifrass lemonade item up for sale.  This is a fat pack of boy shorts undeez.  Love them, and they have Kush's seal of approval as well.  They come in all 5 adorable lemonade colors. They're only $L99 for a limited time, as they are being released with the start of Going Bust on the Cleavage sim.  So for two weeks ONLY, you can grab 'em for $L99, after that, they'll be listed at their regular price of $L150.  Going Bust runs for two weeks starting May 28th!

.Sass. undeez boyshortz [sassifrass lemonade] vendor ads
body. maitreya mesh body. lara v3.3
shape. mine.
skin. glam affair. grazia. jamaica. (shiny shabby april 2015) 06E.
brows shape. glam affair. grazia suggest. shape 5.

eyes. ikon. sovereign eyes. industrial.
eyelashes. angel rock. eyelash extensions. soft dark brown.
eyelashes. mon cheri. falsies. eyelashes lower.

lips. pink fuel. glossy pout lipsticks. pinks.
nails. shakeup! mirror.

catwa hair. woke up. c.

bracelet. just you jewels. i love you v3. women.
ring. arkad baxton. claddaugh ring with blue diamond heart.
ring. sugar. lock ring by sugar falta.

panties. .sass. undeez boy shortz. sassifrass lemonade. pink.
socks. mag<3.B. soft socks. pink & turquoise.

.Lorelei. undeez boyshortz [sassifrass lemonade] vendor ads
body. #TheMeshProject (beta). basic body. (f).
skin. glam affair. candy. america 01.d.
eyes. ikon. sunrise eyes. warm silver deep.
eyebrow shape. glam affair. candy. suggest eyesbrows 02.

eyes. cotton candy monster. luv my falsies. short.
face. soonsiki. odd beauty freckles.
lips. dazed. icelyn lipstick set.
nails. #TheMeshProject.

paperbag. twigs 4 hair base.
blues. valerie. browns.

.sass. undeez boyshortz. sassifrass lemonade. mint.
socks. lola's closet. babydoll socks. candy. tmp.

undeez boyshortz ad shoot backdrop credits
wall texture. fabric lab. ME Arrows and Antlers. 
frames. 22769. bauwerk. empty wall frames.
mounted deer. alchemy. spring deer wall mount. gold.
wall clock. fetch. wall clock. the best.

dresser. scarlet apple. my chevron console. rich wood.
bed. ionic. my bed.
computer. dust bunny. kitty computer. pink.
framed deer. brixley. framed glitter deer silhouette. rare.

phone. floorplan. kitchen phone. white.
lemonade bottles. keke. lemonade.
perfume & beauty bottles. glam affair. tatiana.

fashion drawings. second spaces. flea market finds. vintage fashion sketches.
sign. one grid. what we play.
box. second spaces. frame of reference. bright square.

pose. come soon poses. pillow fight. (with props).

New main store coming soon....June 20th. You aren't going to want to miss this grand opening....details to follow.

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