Saturday, April 18, 2015

spring poppy.

It's Spring-time FINALLY!  Here in upstate NY, I've been dying for some warmth.  I was feeling it and being inspired by all the pretty new spring clothes at the fairs, so I did my own spring type outfit. I do tend to go for brighter colors, so maybe it's not stereotypical spring, but I like it, and that's all that matters.  I put this outfit together (complete with adorable wood clogs!) for you.  I also ended up making a matching undeez set, and listed it as my first dollarbie!  For realsies.  Check 'em both out. Enjoy!

.sass. undeez {spring poppy} set OMEGA

Includes the following:
  • system layer strapless bra & panties for classic avatars 
  • Omega advanced appliers for bra and panties 
  • style card
Works on classic avatars, Omega compatible meshes. Mesh body and parts not included. Shown in image on a Maitreya Lara mesh body.

.sass. spring poppy [MESH]

Includes the following:

one pair of mesh jeans and top, in five standard sizes (xxs,xs,s,m,l). also includes mesh shoes, for SLINK Mid and Maitreya Mid feet only. alpha and style card included. PLEASE TRY DEMO BEFORE PURCHASING.

Works on classic and mesh bodies. Shown in image on a Maitreya Lara mesh body.

Store Policy: No returns and no refunds. If you have an issue with your purchase, please send a note card in-world to MissSassySarah with your full Second Life name and order number. Thank you for your purchase.

style card

body. maitreya mesh body. lara v3.o.
shape. mine.
skin. glam affair. romy skin. base {jamaica}.
brows. romy brow. jamaica. 01E.
brow shape. .birdy. maisie brows.

eyes. ikon. sovereign eyes. industrial.
freckles. okkbye. summer freckles. subtle. gingerly.
eye tattoo. okkbye. rough night. wrinkles & eyebags.
eyelashes. angel rock. eyelash extensions. soft dark brown.
eyelashes. mon cheri. falsies. eyelashes lower.
lips. dazed. eysha lips. light blood. glossy 2.

D!va. layla. type a. red amber.

bracelet. just you jewels. i love you v3. women.
ring. arkad baxton. claddaugh ring with blue diamond heart.
ring. sugar. lock ring by sugar falta.
ring. reign. boho rings. teal stone set.
necklace. mg. tiffany back necklace. all. gold.
earrings. mg. tiffany. gold.
nose piercing. pomposity. gemstone stud nose piercing. left.
glasses. mkn. purada 2. glasses. black.

.sass. undeez {spring poppy}
.sass. spring poppy.

bez! singles. aura package.

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