Monday, April 13, 2015

among the clouds. [adult content]

Kush and I are very open with our relationship, something that's very new for me.  He loves to write about our adventures and speed bumps along the way of this crazy roller coaster ride of a relationship, and I've encouraged him, as it helps him process things. Plus he's a wicked good writer. 

Anyway, he really wanted to do this photo shoot with the two of us in, lets just say, compromising positions.  The pose series is called the Kamasutra series, if that's any indication. I had a blast doing it (and fun afterward), but I've been hesitant to actually share my pictures.  But, I really do love how some of them turned out, so I'm doing it.  Aren't you lucky?  

I have to say, as a side note, it's amazing to me how our avatars can be posed just the right way and the photos taken in just the right way that they actually convey how much we love each other.  I can see it in our faces, eyes, our expressions.   

style card [him]

hair. damselfy. bram. dark browns.
beard. [TS] Kham Beard - Mocha and Goatee - Brown (tinted).
body. #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) w/ hands & feet.
shape. [TOS] Khal Drogo Avatar Shape (heavily modified).
skin. 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas B5c T2 HB w/ Judas eyebrow.
body hair. L&E. all body hair. black. TMP applier.
tattoo. +H+ Half Deer - Fly Away Tattoo
makeup.  ~VFbyLara - BLACK Unisex Long Natural Lashes & liner
body parts. >>Aeros Cock Axiom w/ Addon [5.999d Beta] Piercings
eyes. IKON Sovereign Eyes - Forest

piercings: :: envi:: Ailin Ear Piercings
:Hebenon Vial: MALE MOD: Against the Stream [Decay] *Mesh*

***Just You Jeweks*** DUO I Love You Gen.3 Bracelet
Arkad Baxton AP Friendship Ring with Blue Diamond Heart (modified)
SUGAR - Lock & Key ring (modified)
Tree of Life Ring by Celtic Myst mAgIcK Jewelry
NOMAD // Dreamer Bracelet / Wrist Locket

style card [her]

mesh body - Maitreya Mesh Body. Lara.
shape - created by .sass.
skin - Glam Affair. Amberly skin. [Jamaica] Lovely Day.  01E (C88)
hair - Magika. Rewind. [01] 
eyes - IKON. Sovereign Eyes. Industrial.

Blacklace Beauty. show me your teeth. teeth with gaps.
mon cheri. falsies eyelash. lower.
Angel Rock. Eyelash Extensions  Soft Dark Brown.
face. Dead Apples. Ari. Soft Freckles. Face.

Arkad Baxton. Claddaugh Ring w/ Blue Diamond Heart. 
Sugar. Lock Ring.
Just You Jewels. I Love You V3 women. bracelets.

[the rest]

poses. [RoLu} poses - Kamasutra Series 1-8.
bed. 31-8f8-Primavera in Toscana Bed. (Arcade Gatcha)

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