Tuesday, February 10, 2015

love is in the air.

kushiel [photo by .sass.]
Every where you look, there are valentine advertisements, clothes on SL seem to be all of the pink and red variety, sexy lingerie, and cutesy sayings.  Normally I hate this whole month, but this year?  Oh I am a lucky girl. Yes, I'm all gushy and happy 'cause I have new boyfriend.  His name is Kush and he's so cute!  (giggling).  Ok, I'll stop, but I wanted to share a few things that I've been up to for the last two weeks, since I've been so quiet.  

There is of course Kush sweeping me off my feet, but I also finally broke down and bought a Maitreya mesh body.  I am in love with it (and so is Kush). I won't bore you with a review, you can find them all over the fashion blogs, but that's why I haven't added any new clothes to my shop.  I'm working on updating with appliers for my current products. We also have settled onto a sim with a beautiful house that I'm having a ball decorating.  I'll share pics of that soon...

[photo by .sass.]

[photo by .sass.]

[photo by .sass.]

That's all I'm willing to share on my blog, but I will post many more photos on my Flickr, so follow me if you're of the curious sort.  Till next time...

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