Wednesday, November 5, 2014

real life in second life.

So I was hanging out at ASN (avatar social network) when someone posted something about needing artists for an art in the park event, and the theme was Native Americans or just natives.  I totally just did a few native american paintings in real life.  It was fate, well at least that's what I told myself.

What I've noticed on SL so far is that "art" is usually pics people take in world, or images they've ripped off the internet (such a no-no!), or just pornography scenes.  I have yet to find a gallery with real art in it in SL.  I've done all sorts of searches and nothing.

So am I crazy or is this an untapped market?  I submitted my artwork for the show at Temprus (go to the Temprus Times blog to get a proper in world link - ).  I was so excited to find out that not only was my artwork added to the show, but someone asked about the artist and if it was for cool is that.  

So, yes, I want to start building like everyone does I imagine when they start SL.  I'm going to start simple.  I'm going to take my real life artwork and turn it into hanging canvases in SL and open my own shop in the Marketplace.  If anything, it will be fun.  I've already made my first canvas.  So exciting!

That's it.  I just wanted to share.  I will be posting as soon as I open a shop and let you know all the deets...

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