Tuesday, November 25, 2014

one step at a time.

I've been avidly learning everything I can about Second Life since opening my account.  Which if anyone is actually reading this, you know.  I bought the official books from Amazon and everything because I'm an eager student.  Anyway, the point is, on top of learning to become a fashion blogger, I've also been teaching myself to build in-world so as to sell my own artwork.  Now for you experienced SLers, building a canvas or a frame may be laughable, but for me, I was so like, "Oh, look what I made!"  

I've been really bogged down with learning so much, because I got an amazing opportunity to sell my artwork in-world in my own shop [landmark below] for free (as long as I keep the prim count down).  It's a new Sim and needed some shops filled.  I love it. So I've been frantically learning to build and set up a shop, and learn how to actually change permissions on objects in order to sell them, etc.  I'm getting there. We all start somewhere, right?  I've been setting up shop, so to speak, over the weekend and getting things situated, (still need some more decor).  So the pics below are me, on a break, from all that, in my shop.  

The perfect outfit to compliment setting up shop is something super casual.  I fell in love with these cute sweatshirts over at {CottonCANDYmonsteR} when I saw them (there are 5 different varieties) and had to have them...I love any clothing with art on them.  And, OMG, check out my new falsies!!! I'm in love with them.  I got these at {CCM} too.  So perfect.  I've been looking for a while now and these really are perfect for me.  *happy sigh*

[style card.]

skin. mother goose. joe III (A)
shape. mine.
eyes. the sugar garden. sleep lavendar.
hair. ink. urose hairbase. black. (group gift)
makeup. {CottonCANDYmonsteR}. ulzzang. lips. petal.
eyebrows. moon. after it all.
eyelashes. {CottonCANDYmonsteR}. love my falsies. long.
tattoos. (me) feather shoulder. (not available yet). | letis tattoo. birdy. lower back.

top. {CottonCANDYmonsteR}. cozy sweater. pon & zi - 1 in a bajillion.
jeans. envious. late. skinny jeans.
sneakers. skull candy. pinkie pie mesh sneaker (limited edition).
bra & panties. (me). burlesque black lace. (not available yet).
fingertape. envious. late. fingertape.
glasses. mkn. purada 2 glasses. black.
piercings. punctured pinups. dimple piercings. silver with shadows.

stool/worktable. hideki. workspace table and stool.

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