Wednesday, November 19, 2014

kindred spirits.

I was wandering around the new SL winter builds, looking for just the right spot to show off this adorable new coat from CCM, and I found Serenity Falls.  I'm pretty sure I've been here, as the name sounds familiar, but wow.  It is soooo pretty and there's a lot to do there.  Especially nice for couples. I came upon a few deer, and decided right then, that's where to shoot, as I was coincidentally wearing my antlers.  So here's a couple shots I have to share.  Oh, by the way?  This coat is only L$25!  Just saying.

[style card]

skin. insitu. alice. tone c. brunette eyebrows.
shape. mine.
eyes. k&l. moon eyes.
hair. cheveux. f48 blondes.
ears. k&l. nymph ears and forehead moon.
antlers. half deer. firefly antlers. natural.

makeup. oh liv! fawn spots.
half deer. heart tattoo on nose.
cotton candy monster. sexy lips. cotton candy.
jewelry. punctured pinup. dimple piercings. gold with shadows.

coat. cotton candy monster. cute winter coat. turquoise.
stockings. muka. thigh high patterns.
shoes. the sugar garden. preppy boots. leo. (group gift)

poses. exposeur. adorably awkward. (kawaii project)

sim. serenity falls garden, stormy cove (69,15,22) - moderate


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