Saturday, November 8, 2014

do it in a dress.

This is Sarah. 

Sarah's father was killed during Sierra Leone's civil war, and she fled with her mum to a refugee camp in Guinea. After the war had ended, they returned to Sierra Leone to start again.  There was no money for school, so Sarah's mum set up a shop selling biscuits, sweets and water. Instead of going to school, Sarah worked long days at her mum’s shop. Her dream of an education seemed so far away.

But we heard her story, and offered Sarah a scholarship. And now she's back in school where she belongs and is studying hard to be an accountant. Sarah is also one of our first Business Brains graduates. After receiving the small business training, Sarah was equipped with the skills and knowledge to start her own business - selling butterscotch candies!  She got a small loan off her sister to kickstart her little enterprise, and before long she was making enough to pay her sister back AND make a profit, enough to buy lunch for herself everyday. Awesome! 

What is all this about?  Create and designer Juno Mantel of Junbug Boutique is doing her part, so I'm helping spread the word.  In her Second Life boutique, she is selling a gorgeous school dress that she designed, just to help raise money for this great cause.  There are five colors to choose from, cost is L$250 or more if you can, and the proceeds go to help girls just like Sarah get an education.

If you'd like to help, please visit Junbug in SL or her website, link to follow.  Every little bit helps. Thank you.  

Junbug's website:

Don't forget to take a photo of yourself in your school dress and share it on the Do it in a Dress Flickr page here:

do it in a dress.

{style card}

dress. junbug. vintage school dress. grey.

shape. my own
skin. pink fuel. crystal doll v2. pure. no brow.
eyes. the sugar garden. sleepy lavender.
eyebrows. moon. after it all. eyebrow shaper and eyebrows.
hair. moon. laceration. group gift.

makeup. angelica. smudged eye makup #1. dark
pink fuel. crystal doll v2. eye shadow. purple.
kalina. ulzzang. eye liner 01
the sugar garden. ice cream lipz.lilac
tatoo. tattoo paradise. maori viking anuanua.

piercing. punctured pinup. dimple piercings. silver with shadow
bracelets. pr!tty. the season story. bangles. black.
half deer. painted rustic bangle. stars.
glasses. voxi. nerd glasses. unisex. black.
necklace. abyssal pendant.

bra & underwear. k&l. turquoise kitty.
stockings. forever young. toeless sheer stockings. lavender.
boots. corvus. combat boot. dirty.
umbrella. sad november. umbrella. free.

pose. axix. lady crow.
sim. trilogy by night & rain, shopping alley, barks (202.93.3283) Adult.

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