Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I am excited to announce that I have landed my first blogging job.  The owner of Envious never got back to me, but I wasn't discouraged.  I was shopping in the market place one day and found the cutest clothes and, OMG, they were so inexpensive. The shop is called Cotton Candy Monster. I bought a bunch of stuff, then decided to go check out her shop in-world, just in case there was stuff I missed.  

First of all, her shop is adorbs too!  She has a gorgeous Christmas tree up as well for the holidays.  Everything is pink and cute.  What I like about her stuff is that it's not ALL pastels.  She's got some awesomely bright colored stuff and I love color (it's the artist in me).  Okay, so back to the shop.  I was looking around and boom, blogger applications.  I was like, I gotta do it.  So I did and I swear, it was later that day when she replied!  I'm so excited!  Did I say that already?  Can you tell I'm over the moon about this?

ANYWAY, this is my first official blog post as a fashion blogger, but I'm not going to do boring, bam, there's your outfit, buy me, type posts.  I'm sticking to my roots as an artist.  So I went out and took a couple of shots with one of the new outfits I bought (so cute! and only L$30!).  I took inspiration from one of the bloggers I follow on Flickr [Ohalla Slife - author of the French Fucking Fashion blog], and as they say, "Steal like an artist."  So I went to the Intrigue sim because it had that animated type feel I wanted.  (Another place you should check out).

See?  What a fun sim wearing a super fun casual outfit.  I love the bright colors of this top.  As soon as I saw it I had to have it.  That and the ripped leggings are only L$30! in the marketplace (or in her shop in-world).  Crazy!  

And in this one I'm showcasing her awesomely crazy makeup designs.  This one is from her Stargazer eye makeup collection (only L$25).  I'm also wearing lipstick by her called Sexy Lips (L$25). That's it for now...I've got more to share, but what with SL's current restarts and such, it'll be a bit before I can get more shots in-world.  Thanks for reading!

style card

skin. insitu. alice. tone c. brunette eyebrows.
shape. mine.
eyes. the sugar garden. wet look rainbow puddle. group gift.
hair. moon. laceration. group gift.

makeup. cotton candy monster. stargazer eyeshadow. candy fun.
cotton candy lips. cotton candy.
cotton candy monster. glitter body lotion.

outfit. cotton candy monster. antifashion outfit. dolly puppet.

shoes. ck. haidi heels. slink high.
jewelry. half deer. painted rustic bangle. stars.
punctured pinup. dimple piercings. gold with shadows.

sim. intrigue


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