Thursday, October 23, 2014

spooky pose v.1

{style card}

skin. KALINA. Holy Witch Skin (sweet poison) - cosmetic fair
hair. little bones. Girl
eyes. {Song} Lollipop - Honey
lashes. La Malrada Mujer - FAKE deep Black. mp.
makeup. Pink Acid. Natural lashes Face Makeup
Dead Apples. Lipgloss and Eyeshadow.

tattoo. Bad to the Bone. Custom iNKZ
face piercing cheeks. [Puncture Pinup] Dimple Piercings Silver. mp.
face piercing mouth. the :Hebenon Vial:: Against the Stream. mp.

jacket & shirt. [Foxes] leather jacket with shirt (rare) black ombre. N21
jeans. :.Envious.: Grunge Fashionista
belt & holster: :.Envious.: Grunge Fashionista
fingertape. :.Envious.: Grunge Fashionista
boots. Corvus: combat boots dirty. mp.

pose. Aerial. portrait gift pose. mp.
sim. Bentham Forest - Haunted Dark Fantasy Forest - Elven Mist (119.132.22)

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