Monday, October 27, 2014

medieval cities

Over at Avatar Social Network, they're trying to kick off the launch of their contest feature.  So, it only makes sense that they run a contest, right? They're hosting a photo contest with the theme, medieval cities.  Being new, I've obviously never entered an SL photo contest, but why not?  Could be fun.  

I've just started taking photos in SL, so it was all sorts of fun trying to set up this shot  (insert sarcasm here.)  I knew exactly the place I wanted to go, and I even knew the outfit I wanted to wear, but finding just the right spot to showcase the adorable medieval town AND show off my avie?  Very difficult.  So in the end, I went with my gut, telling myself that the contest is your "interpretation of said theme".  I hope I got it right.  

BUT, I can enter up to 24 more times, so really?  Not such a big deal.  I could probably enter one of the other several photos I ended up taking too.

If you would like to play along, come visit the Avatar Social Network, sign up for your own account, and enter the contest. The prize?  L$5,000.  Awesome!  Find the deets here:

{style card}

shape - Ari (tweeked) | Dead Apple
skin - Holy Witch | KALINA. (cosmetic fair)
eyes - Sleepy Lavendar | the Sugar Garden
eye makeup - Smudged Eye Makeup #1 (dark) | *Angelica (cosm. fair)
hair - *White Feather* naturals | .:EMO-tions:.

top - Chopsuey Green *May's Soul* (mp)
pants - Chopsuey Green *May's Soul* (mp)
skirt - Chopsuey Green *May's Soul* (mp)
belt - Chopsuey Green *May's Soul* (mp)
boots - Chopsuey Green *May's Soul* (mp)
jacket - Aviator Jacket gray ombre (rare) | [Foxes] N21

jewelry - Free Spirit Necklace | Juxtapose (Boho Fair)
               - +Abyssal Pendant+ (mp)
tattoo - Maori Viking Anvania | ..::TaTToo PaRaDiSe (mp)
pose - Lady Crow | ::Axix::

SIM - WonderOaks, medieval fairy elven fantasy realm (home of MysMix)   172.86.24

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