Saturday, October 18, 2014

being a good student.

Okay,so I went to the first class of three of a Blender introductory course.  I hadn't planned on learning anything about Blender, but I'm having such a hard time find good in depth information on how to design for Second Life with Photoshop.  I'm a wiz with Photoshop.  Anyway, I was good and took notes and learned a few things.  For anyone that's interested, the classes I've found that are available during the day in my time zone, are at the Builder's Brewery. But it's not going fast enough for me.

So, I bought a book.  Well three actually.  I ordered the following three books from Amazon to maybe help me along on my journey.  I'm not sure if they're any good at all, but I guess we'll see.  As for learning Blender more in depth?  I'm going to have to wait for my next paycheck to buy that book.  Those books (for the most up to date info) are a little pricey. I got all three of these used for under $4 on Amazon.


I'll let you know how they pan out.  Another thing I've become immensely interested in is fashion blogging...who are all these bloggers?  How do they get their hands on all this great stuff?  I must find out....

So goodbye for now, as you can see I've added quite a list already of favorite SL fashion blogs to your right, enjoy!

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